Donation - #hope4rani

$5.00 - $10.00

$5 or $10 donation to be donated to Rani’s family.

Here is their story. 🤍

On the afternoon of Sunday 26th of April 2020, Stephanie Johnson and her partner Rogan Macdonald endured every parents worst nightmare. Their beautiful 8 month old daughter Rani choked on mango that was lodged in her throat and was not retrievable. Courageously, Rogan was able to perform CPR until the Paramedics arrived. The Paramedics took over and did an amazing job to get her back. After 6 long hours in Emerald Hospital, Rani and Steph were flown to Brisbane via Royal Flying Doctors and transported to QLD Children’s Hospital where she has been ever since. Rani was placed into an induced coma for a few days to keep her settled and enable her to rest. On day 4 Rani had an MRI which heartbreakingly indicated the extensive damage to Rani’s brain (from the lack of oxygen). Due to the parts of the brain damaged sadly Rani will never walk, talk and will need to be fed through a nasal tube and is most likely to be blind and deaf. Rogan, Steph, Millie and Rani have a massive road ahead of them and it is likely that Rani will be in hospital for 12 months or more.